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Starting career as a digital illustrator or even just an illustrator isn’t easy! We are not here to scare you, but to bring out the real truth...


Media and entertainment sectors work on talent basis purely. If you have the talent and the skill to become a unique designer...

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Starting career as a digital illustrator or even just an illustrator isn’t easy! We are not here to scare you, but to bring out the real truth. Ifyou are open to challenges and risks, with a lot of perseverance and patience then this is really for you!

Some universities or schools offer programs under the title Digital illustration, not many offer the same. Hence many undergraduate programs in this field like Graphic designing, Digital Media, Media Arts and entertainment include this illustration course or program too.

What should you know about this program?

Digital illustration programs are entry level programs that areeither a certificate course or an associate degree course. They include computer courses in digital photography and drawing.

These programs teach students the use of computer programs to design, create images, use of other resources to complete their multimedia projects. The degree program may include topics like the business design, advertising history or art history, and typography.

For admissions, to such courses, a High school certificate or Diploma or an equivalent like GED is required. Few programs might also require students to complete aninternship or to participate in any exhibitions of the same category.

Is Digital Illustration a good career?

In case you are an art student from the young, you might knowthat art has never vanished from the scenes. They have only been improving over the eras and decades and its forms have been varying. Some eras have seen a rise in thespecific form of art, while others had another kind, may be anoil painting on canvas and water colours at one time. They have never vanished and will never too!

So taking up a career in anything related to art will surely never let you down, provided you have creativity and the urge to bring them through visuals, in addition to a great America's Finest Summer Camps, to help you with any accompanying text.. Based on this we can say that Digital arts and illustration are the most required in thedigital world. They are used in advertising, video and films and photo manipulation.

It doesn’tmean to say that the other art forms are not valid and good, but with the world going digitally, it is of great value to learn and follow the trend! In case you are a person with aspecific inclination towards specific art form, then use it to your imagination and create the best.

Certificate in Digital illustration:

Students interested in digital illustration techniques, graphical techniques, or create digital designs can earn a digital illustration certificate. You can pursue this even at High school level, or part of continuing programs designed for those who have already done a graduate program or Undergraduate program.

Such students, who need to take adigital illustration, can take programs that has digital illustration as a part of their program, focusing on the creative digital media. The courses include:

  • Computer Illustration
  • Design Imaging
  • Digital designing
  • Art History
  • Photoshop

Course via bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design

If digital illustration course isn’t available to you directly from universities around you, you can opt to do them via other courses which have elective options of digital illustration, in agraphic design course.

The courses include bachelor’s degree in art and design, digital media and multimedia art. Only in the beginning, the graphic design course includes introductory designs and history classes, later the classes’ narrows down to Digital design and illustration.

The below classes will help the students in digital illustration:

  • Contemporary art
  • 2-D design
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual communication
  • InDesign

Career options for the same course:

Students who have completed an associate degree in digital illustration often take up the career as a freelancer in the beginning. This gives them the flexible working hours and free schedules. Once they build up strong skills, they can aim to work as full time in studios, in-house designer’s profiles, advertising agencies, business studios and website development sector. Other jobs that they can look out for as:

  • Digital artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Digital illustrator
  • Graphic design assistant
  • Artist

Salary part of the work:

As freelancers, you can’t expect a huge amount at the beginning. But once the skillsetsare acquired and you start for firms, thedesigner can usually expect an annual salary of $50k. it again depends upon your talent and skills to either increase the slab or decrease.  The theory of survival of the fittest applies here!